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Aerial view of the battery Photography: Paul Dijkstra Ga naar

In 1963 werd het Tranbsit Camp afgebroken en werden de onderdelen van het kamp geveild.  Ga naar

A type 455 Küver [Küstenverteidigungs]bunker in Flakstelle [air defense position]... Ga naar

A garage in strong point V L on the island of Terschelling. After the war, the bunker was... Ga naar

The construction number of the type 612 casemate at Korfwater camp site. ... Ga naar

Aerial view of the fortress. Right a part of the bunker type M170 can be seen. Photography:... Ga naar

The Germans installed barriers not only on land but also in the water. The Maritime Academy... Ga naar

Collection: noord-hollands archief beeldbank nr. 1003173   Ga naar

The fireplace in the Widerstandsnest-Führer bunker. Also note the wall decoration.... Ga naar

Plan of Widerstandsnest [resistance nest] 136 H. Clearly visible is the transition from... Ga naar

Today a lookout is located on top of one of the type 412 Küver... Ga naar

A type FL246 ammunition bunker in 2007 – view of the right entrance. Photography:... Ga naar

The “St” sign which is also visible on the outer wall, indicates that this was a... Ga naar

Koudekerkseweg near Koudekerke; tankditch made in 1943 by the Germans as a part of the Land... Ga naar

The former 2nd Battery 15L.35 command post. During the Second World War this casemate was... Ga naar

Schwere Tobruk Stand Tsiingtau with the building number 5791.  Photography: Paul Dijkstra Ga naar

The departure of the Georgians on the ferry “Dr. Wagemaker”. Photography: Texel... Ga naar

To clear bunkers after the war, they were not only demolished but also sunk into pits. The... Ga naar

Photography: W. Beun Ga naar

Collection: P. Jongens    Ga naar

Photography: Hans Geerling Ga naar

A type FL317 ammunition depot for 12.8 cm guns. The bunker is still intact. Photography:... Ga naar

A type VF1a shelter along the Middenvliet, part of the Neue Südlinie. This bunker... Ga naar

Marine Artillerie Waffenkommando Den Haag, Nebenstelle Den Helder Photography: Paul... Ga naar

Tobruk in the Flak [air defense] battery. The lighthouse is visible in the background.... Ga naar

A type 450a Küver [Küstenverteidigungs]bunker accommodating a crew of 12. For a... Ga naar

Photography: Paul Dijkstra  Ga naar

Photography: Paul Dijkstra Ga naar

Source: Beeldbank Zeeland, Zeeuwse Bibliotheek  Ga naar

Ouwe Helder, 9 June 1964. In spite of numerous modifications to the reconstruction plan, the... Ga naar

Photography: Paul Dijkstra Ga naar

In order to create an unobstructed field of fire, systematic demolition of the Ouwe Helder... Ga naar

Canteen bunker in a serious state of disrepair. Photography: Paul Dijkstra  Ga naar

The construction number of one of the few remaining bomb-proof shelters of... Ga naar

VF57a at the Park Toorenvliedt. Photography: Paul Dijkstra Ga naar

View: a type FL243a gun emplacement. Also note the wheels enabling the cupolas of the battery... Ga naar

671 S.K. on the east. Photography: Paul Dijkstra Ga naar

The exterior of a FL250 FlaGruKoStand Photography: Paul Dijkstra  Ga naar

Wageningen UR Library Special Collections  Ga naar